Budget Small Garden Ideas: 10 Ways to Develop an Inexpensive Garden

Budget Small Garden Ideas: 10 Ways to Develop an Inexpensive Garden

Apr 13, 2023

Even though the weather has us all in a tizzy, that does not mean our gardens have to be! We have got plenty of budget small garden ideas to help you freshen yours for the season. After a makeover with any of these, you can host family and friends come rain or shine. Follow our top recommendations to change your garden space in only a few hours. Whether you want to construct lovely beds, perfect pots, or even stunning seats, we have it all!

Bringing new life to your garden or even your front yard does not always necessitate the services of a garden designer. Begin by determining what needs your immediate attention. If your garden fencing needs to be repaired or painted, or your garden edging is extremely unkempt. It can have a negative effect on the entire space.

10 Budget Small Garden Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Area

Invigorate with a Simple Splash of Colour

Adding a splash of vibrant colour behind your current plants will make your landscape alive again. A feature wall painted in bright colours will have a big impression without costing a lot of money or time.

To guarantee that the paint is suited for the location, choose professional outdoor paint. To achieve a coherent aesthetic, use a coordinating colour palette for pots and garden accessories.

Use Upturn Crates for Stylish Garden Shelving

Create bespoke garden storage by repurposing old wooden crates. Stack upturned crates to create shelving for showcasing plants or simply storing pots and accessories. It is one of the best budget small garden ideas that you can use to decorate your outdoor space without using any new materials.

Wherever feasible, fasten the wooden containers to the fence behind them to ensure their protection. If the crates are to be used as a freestanding storage unit, such as in a shed, link them to one another and ensure they are securely positioned so they do not tumble over.

Make a Multipurpose Shed

Make your garden shed a multi-purpose solution to create the ideal entertaining space. In the winter, you may use it to store garden equipment, and in the summer, you can transform it into a bar for garden parties and alfresco sundowners. To use during cocktail hour, hang herbs from the roof. You can also try installing wall claddings alongside the shed to give a more countryside feel.

Reuse Old Pans as Planters

Consider whether old pots and pans could be repurposed as alternative planters before discarding them. Their tough shells make them excellent for outdoor use.

Before repotting your plants, simply punch a few drainage holes on the bottom. For instance, you can also paint these pans to give them a new look and match your garden style.

Utilise Indoor Accessories for Garden Decoration

Why should you pay more than once for home furnishings? Decorate your garden with interesting textured items that can easily be brought inside if the weather turns bad. Doubling up also makes the outdoors an extension of our fashionable indoor environments, which is a popular trend in garden paving right now.

House Number on Plant Pots

Painting your house number onto plant pots is a wonderful technique to make your house readily recognisable in the front garden. It is practically free, especially if you already have a plant pot and a test pot of paint in mind. Get creative and paint a design of your choice.

For instance, you can create simple flowers with freehand brush daps or any other simple design for your budget small garden ideas. We recommend using a wraparound stencil or accurately outlining the numerals with a masking table to paint the numbers properly.

Style a Plant Display Using Old Ladders

With the help of elegant ladder shelving, you can bring your garden features to the next level. You can tie the tops of two ladders together to create a ladder shelve. Wooden planks set across the runs serve as shelves for displaying potted plants, lanterns, and other ornamental items. It is quite simple to prepare and extremely cost-effective. For budget small garden ideas, this is a step in the right direction! However, this might not go well among small space design ideas.

Make a Potting Table from an Old Cabinet

With a few simple alterations, an old freestanding kitchen cabinet can be turned into a place to repot plants. Start with a fresh coat of paint and consider replacing the worktop. Add hooks on the side to easily hang trowels and other tools. After that, you may store compost, pots, seeds, and other items within, saving up room in your shed.

Adorn Your Patio With a Rug

Create an entertaining atmosphere that is as beautiful as your interior with an outdoor rug over your patio. It will quickly change the mood of your space and is among the best user-friendly budget small garden ideas. Rugs that have patterns on both sides are the best choice so that they can be flipped if they fade in the sun. Similarly, you can also look at patio design ideas to seek further inspiration.

Use Plastic Bottles as Containers

You can easily design an environment-friendly garden area using plastic bottles as containers. To make your own, gently cut off the top of each bottle, then fill it with gravel for drainage, soil, and your favourite plants. Above all, these bottled plants are a great idea for budget small garden ideas.


There are many inexpensive ways to transform your garden from drab to fab. By recycling materials, repurposing household objects, or painting your existing garden accessories, you can give them a new lease on life. We have shared the best small garden ideas on a budget to help you build a soothing outdoor space without spending a fortune.