Presenting our range of natural stone finishing accessories, the ideal companions to enhance your outdoor environment. This collection comprises copings, steps, stepping stones, edgings, pathway, and setts - an all encompassing selection to perfect your paving project. The flexibility of our accessories enables effortless bleeding with porcelain paving, seamlessly incorporating the captivating colours and tactile qualities of natural stone into your porcelain surface. Regardless of the scale or character of your project, we offer the ideal accessories to impart the finishing touches that turn your vision into reality.

Have Questions About Digby Stone?

Can I buy from you direct?

No unfortunately we are a wholesaler and therefore supply our products through a network of Independent Merchants. Please visit our Stockist Locator to find your nearest stockists.

Where can I see your products?

We have images of our products on the website, but to see them physically you will need to visit a Stockist. To find out which stockists have stands and displays visit our Stockist Locator.

What products would you recommend?

We have 10 collections and hundreds of products, so there is plenty of choice for everyone from natural stone through to porcelain, all with different features and benefits. Recommending specific products would depend on a variety of factors including type of house, geographical position, use of the area to be paved etc.

Can you give me prices for your products?

No, as a wholesaler we leave the pricing to our stockists, so you will need to ask Stockists for prices.

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