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Edge Finish: Natural/Handcut
Size: 33 Pieces Mixed ("1800mm") - Centre Piece and 2 Rings
33 Pieces Mixed ("1800mm") - Centre Piece and 2 Rings
53 Pieces Mixed ("2400mm") - Centre Piece and 3 Rings
73 Pieces Mixed ("3460mm") - Centre Piece and 4 Rings
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

Integrating a circular design into a garden's paving or patio area can instil a feeling of cohesion and intention within the space. The circular layout inherently captures attention, encouraging people to gather and creating a sociable atmosphere. Serving as a central focal point, the circular paving or patio area transforms into a versatile hub for diverse garden activities, ranging from outdoor dining to tranquil moments of contemplation. This not only elevates the visual charm but also enhances the functionality of the outdoor space.

Premium Sandstone Circles feature :

  • Hand-Cut Edge
  • Thickness of 22mm 
  • Joint Width of 10-15mm

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