10 Flooring Trends to Consider for a Luxurious Living Space

10 Flooring Trends to Consider for a Luxurious Living Space

Apr 13, 2023

Are you searching for the best flooring trends for your home? Want to give your home a luxury look?

If so, your search ends here. In this article, you’ll find the best flooring trends that will give your home a luxury look and add a wow factor to your room.

Flooring is the first and foremost thing your guests will notice in your home. So, checking out the latest trends is essential to keep your flooring trendy and luxurious. Below you can check the list of best flooring trends for your home.

1. Natural Stone Flooring

Undoubtedly, natural stone flooring is one of the best and trendiest options for your home. Granite, marble, Indian sandstone slabs, and limestone are one of the most popular choices for natural stone flooring. The opulent touch and sophistication these natural stones offer are matchless. The best part about these types of flooring is that they are easy to maintain and blend with any environment. Apart from granite and marble, you’ll find sandstone, limestone, and slate suitable for your flooring.

2. Wooden Flooring for a Classic Look

One of the most popular and classic choices of flooring is wood. They add an elegant and timeless feel that blends with any interior environment. If using natural wood flooring, they can bring good insulation and natural warmth to your rooms. You can use your creative side and experiment with different patterns & styles to add a distinctive look to your home.

3. Invest in Mosaic Flooring

Mosaic flooring will surely give your home luxury and unique touch. There are limitless options to choose from. You can choose from pebble mosaics and custom mosaic tiles to handmade and vintage-style mosaic flooring. These tiles are suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as they provide an excellent high-end flooring solution. However, you must regularly clean mosaic flooring to maintain a beautiful look.

4. Graphic Patterned Tiles

Graphic patterned flooring tiles are making a comeback. Tiles with large graphics are returning to trend and are preferred by many homeowners. They create a bold effect and add a natural feel to your room. However, it’s essential to figure out which graphic pattern best suits your style and home’s ambience. So, if you want to figure that out, take help from a professional. They will guide you with the ideal graphic pattern for your home.

5. Vinyl Flooring for a Budget-Friendly Solution

If you are looking for a budget-friendly flooring solution but, at the same time you, want a luxury addition to your home, you should consider installing vinyl flooring. The best part about this type of flooring is that it is the most comfortable flooring. It’s easy to install and is a cost-effective flooring solution.

6. Porcelain Tiles

If natural stone, wooden, or mosaic flooring is not in your budget, you can consider installing porcelain tiles for your home. They are budget-friendly, strong, and durable solutions for your home floors. With different patterns, textures, and colours available, you can create unique and inviting floors. Not only will they improve the look of your room, but they will also provide functionality.

7. Concrete Flooring

A traditional yet modern way to enhance the beauty of your home. Concrete is another trendy home flooring option and one of the most popular choices. Concrete floors are versatile, and you can paint the concrete slabs according to your style. They are durable, easy to maintain, and offer your rooms a simple yet classic look.

8. Brick Flooring to Add Statement

If you want to create a welcoming environment, thin brick tiles would be a perfect choice. These brick tiles are among the trendiest flooring options and will give your home a traditional look. Using different coloured brick tiles, you can create unique patterns and build a dream space of yours.

9. Carpet Flooring

When you are looking to give your home a luxury look, carpet flooring is the one that fits all your needs. You can try different carpet flooring materials and choose the one that suits your home’s ambience. Don’t go for colours that are too striking. Prefer the one with neutral tones having minimalistic patterns. This will add a luxurious feel to your room. Apart from carpet flooring, there are various modern ways to embellish your home on a budget.

10. Cork Flooring

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly flooring solution, then cork flooring might be the one for you. This wood flooring gives a natural look with its neutral beige colour, resembling the look of wood.


We’ve listed out the top and best flooring trends that will give your home a luxury look. Don’t forget that flooring is one of the essential parts of your home. So, it’s important to consider the best materials and styles for your floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions, along with their answers, will make things even more clear about the flooring trends.

Q1. What is the flooring trend for 2022?

Natural-looking flooring is on top of the list. They are durable and robust. However, it’s up to your budget and style to choose the suitable flooring solution for your home.

Q2. What colour of wood floors is popular in 2022?

Brown, grey, and beige are the colours that are the most popular choices in wooden flooring. However, there is no compulsion to consider only these colours. You have to select the one that fits your home’s ambience.

Q3. What colour flooring is timeless?

Colours that match the environment and style of your home are timeless. No matter what floor colour you choose, be it dark colour or a brighter one, it should go with your style.

Q4. Are grey floors out of style?

Grey colour is considered to be the colour of luxuriousness and sophistication. They are one of the most popular floor choices among many homeowners.