How to Choose Best Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Your Patio

How to Choose Best Outdoor Porcelain Tiles for Your Patio

Apr 13, 2023

When it comes to hardscape and landscape ideas, everyone thinks of two common types of paving options- natural stones and porcelain tiles. While both could have their pros and cons, porcelain brings the edge with ease of installation and maintenance. Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain, durable, slip-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing in all weather conditions. They have a number of properties that make them perfect for outdoor use.

Porcelain tiles are made from a combination of kiln-fired clay and a few other elements. They can be precision-cut to specific proportions. This makes them simple to install and reduces the joint gap between each tile. If you are looking to redo your patio or build a new one, then you might be looking to learn more about outdoor porcelain tiles.

So let’s know more about porcelain tiles and the qualities you should look for before choosing the perfect one.

What is Porcelain Tile?

Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic, however, it is produced to a higher grade than conventional ceramics. Clay that has been refined and purified is burnt for longer periods of time and at higher temperatures than other ceramics. The end product is a versatile, incredibly durable material that can be used on indoor and outdoor floors and walls. If you are looking for great home renovation ideas then porcelain tiles could soon become your preferred choice.

Qualities in Outdoor Porcelain Tiles That You Should Look For


In terms of durability, porcelain tiles are hard to beat. They are quite hard, yet they are also scratch-resistant. These tiles are practically indestructible since they are baked at very high temperatures. This prevents fine dirt particles from becoming embedded in their surface, making them mould and moss resistant.

Because of their inherent strength and water resistance, your porcelain tiles will look brand new for many years after installation. Porcelain pavers are resistant to wear from patio furniture, pets, and children.

Weather Resistance

Porcelain tiles’ near-impenetrability offers a surface that can withstand any weather conditions. They are perfect for usage in places where winter temperatures drop below freezing. They will not crack owing to the cold because they do not absorb water. Porcelain tiles are also a good choice for locations with a lot of direct sunshine because they do not fade.

During firing, the high temperatures they are exposed to vitrify the colour, which means it becomes a part of the material and cannot be separated. These characteristics make it an excellent material for a wide range of climates and conditions. According to some homeowners, outdoor porcelain tiles will look almost identical even after ten years of use.

Easy To Maintain

When utilised outside, porcelain tiles are the ultimate low-maintenance material. Outdoor porcelain tiles, unlike concrete pavers, do not effloresce, which means they do not form a white coating that is difficult to remove. They will not be harmed by household cleansers, unlike many stone pavers.

Because porcelain tile does not stain easily, all that is required to maintain it looking its best outside is an occasional mild pressure wash or washing with a light household cleaner. Cleaning porcelain tile with warm, soapy water is also effective, adding to its environmentally friendly credentials. Porcelain tiles are ideal to be used on small patio designs as they can be easily maintained and enhance the appearance of congested areas.

Slip Resistant

Porcelain tiles are available with various surface characteristics, from smooth to matte. A matte coating provides sufficient slip resistance for usage around a pool. Consider the slip resistance of your tile while making your selection. Outdoor porcelain tiles are also available in various textures that offer slip resistance and can be classified according to the area where you want to install them.

You can choose an acceptable finish and texture for your project. However, keep in mind the design and hue you want for your patio while selecting the right outdoor porcelain tiles.

Easy Installation

Porcelain tiles are sculpted into precise dimensions that allow them to fit together flawlessly since they are made rather than mined. They can be simply laid on a variety of substrates, including gravel, sand, and concrete because they are exactly levelled. In addition, unlike stone, they are lightweight, making them simple to carry and install.

However, we recommend getting outdoor porcelain tiles installed by a professional landscaping company and not doing it as a DIY project. This is because porcelain tiles are fairly hard to cut and require professional tools and techniques for perfect trimming and shaping.

Attractive Textures And Patterns

Porcelain tile’s grandeur outside is difficult to match. A customary look can be achieved by using a variety of whites or black/grey colouring with travertine and quartz effects. The modular size allows for diverse patterns, producing a pleasing but understated impression in every area.

Manufactured porcelain tile has the advantage of being modern while yet seeming entirely natural, with a sleek, simple, and clean appearance. It can easily be carried out from your indoor space to an outdoor patio without disturbing the overall appearance of the house. This seamless transition is one of the reasons why outdoor porcelain tiles are so popular among interior designers and architects. It is one of the most preferred paving choices for garden designers.


Porcelain has the distinct advantage of being able to carry the taste and features of a house from inside to out. It can make a seamless transition between your kitchen and patio. Our range of outdoor porcelain tiles is available in a great selection of colours and textures. They suit different mood patterns and hues that allow you to create distinct features in your patio design.