How to Apply Temporary Sealer

How to correctly apply our recommended "Ultimate One Coat Temporary Porcelain Sealer" as a temporary sealer.

Hits & Tips - Golden Rules

So let's give you a few hints and tips to achieve the best out of your patio project. When you've chosen your materials. Remember allow a 5% to 10% over order so you can secure having enough materials.

Health and Safety Basics

As with any practical task, especially in our industry of laying patios and paving area, you have got to keep yourself safe it's a fundamental fact and it's no difficult in the situation, So here's a few little tips of what you need to consider when you are installing.

Choosing your Paving and Layout options

The best part of creating your patios is the choice of material. it is the most fun part and with so much to chose from not just in the actual material type, even the way in which they're installed.

Choosing your Patio -Things to Consider

There are several factors to consider when choosing you patio, this video outlines some of the questions you will want to think about prior to starting any work.

Choosing the Right Installer

This video highlights the importance of finding a well qualified installer and how we would recommend finding the right person for the job.

Application of ultimate Porcelain Grout

How to apply 'Ultimate Elite Paving and Walling Tile Grout' our recommendation for joints between 3mm and 15mm.

Prepration and Application of Primer Slurry

In the process of laying paving, we actually recommend the use of the application of a slurry primer to the base of natural stone and porcelain tiles.

Maintenance of Both Porcelain and Natural Stone Surfaces

Your patio has been an investment for you, but you need to maintain and ensure that investment will have a long-term benefit for you. For that, you need to ensure you are maintaining and keeping it in the best condition.

How to Safely Mix Mortar

When using a cement mixer to produce your mortar mixes, start off with the correct personal protective equipment. You need gloves, mouth protection, eye protection, ear protection and safety boots.

How to Prepare Your Base

How to prepare your base for when laying natural stone or porcelain paving.

How to Mix a Walling and Tile Adhesive

This video demonstrates a simplified process of how to mix walling and tile adhesive.

How to Lay a Porcelain Patio

This video will give you an introduction in how to lay a porcelain patio correctly.

How to Lay a Natural Stone Patio

One of the key features of a natural stone patio is the variety of colour in every stone and using what we call a "project pack" the paving itself varies in size.

How to Lay a Circle Stone Kit and Clay Brick Path

This video showcases how to lay a stone circles and clay bricks using our recommended method.

How to Install porcelain Setts

Using our recommended "Ultimate Universal Paving and Wall Cladding Adhesive" is ideal for fixing patio tiles natural stones to external bases and walls.

How to Install porcelain Edging

This video outlines how we recommend installing Porcelain Edging using "Universal Paving & Wall Classing Adhesive".

How to Install Natural Stone and Porcelain Cladding

Our recommended "Ultimate Paving & Wall Cladding Adhesive" is ideal for fixing porcelain patio tiles, natural stones to external bases and walls.

How to Fix and Use Stainless Steel Trim and Corners

This video is going to introduce you to our stainless steel trim range for porcelain paving, This enables you to create contemporary finishes just for edging steps, and if you want to put any curves or shapes within your porcelain.

How to Cut Porcelain and Natural Stone

In the process of creating your patio, you're gonna have a very high chance of needing to do some cuts using different machinery for the different types of materials you might be installing. we're gonna go through some of those that will cover cutting of porcelain.

How to Calculate Labour, Subbase Materials and Finished Surface Costs

Our guide on how to calculate the different aspects of your garden work.

How to Apply Ultimate Universal Joint Compound to Porcelain Paving

How to apply our recommended "Ultimate Universal Paving Joint Compound" for Porcelain Paving.

How to Apply Ultimate Joint Compound to Natural Stone

Our recommendation of how to apply "Universal Paving Joint Compound" to Natural Stone.

Ideas for Your Garden

Within the range of natural stone and porcelains, there are multiple sizes to suit the spaces that you require and make it feel more comfortable and in scale with your environment.