gardenstone maple blend display image
gardenstone maple blend image

Maple Blend

Edge Finish: Natural/Handcut
Thickness: 18 mm
18 mm
Size: 19.52m² Project Pack
19.52m² Project Pack
28 Pieces ("15.12m² / 900 x 600mm")
50 Pieces ("18m² / 600 x 600mm")
96 Pieces ("16.7m² / 600 x 290mm")
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

The Gardenstone paving range is designed with a commitment to delivering outstanding quality and value. Our Gardenstone paving has an 18mm calibrated thickness and is hand-cut, offering seven stunning blended colours that bring warm tones and textures to any garden design, be it contemporary or traditional.

Tailored to meet the needs of modern garden spaces, our Gardenstone paving is now offered in a project pack, featuring four different sizes of paving stones. This versatile and convenient solution ensures a seamless fit for your outdoor area.

Gardenstone Range features :

  • Hand-Cut Edge on all products in the range and Limestone Charred Oak featuring a Sawn Edge
  • Thickness of 18mm 
  • Joint Width of 10-15mm

CE Markings

Declaration of Production

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