premium sandstone mountain mist display image
premium sandstone mountain mist image

Mountain Mist

Size: 15.3m² Project Pack
15.3m² Project Pack
28 Pieces ("15.2m² / 900x600mm")
40 Pieces ("14.4m² / 600x600mm")
85 Pieces ("14.79m² / 600x300mm")
85 Pieces ("7.15m² / 300x300mm")
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

Premium Sandstone Paving stands out as a top-tier material meticulously chosen and crafted by hand, boasting a calibrated 22mm thickness. It holds the distinction of being our most sought-after natural stone collection, celebrated for its diverse array of colours and sizes. The paving has a delicately riven texture and distinctive natural variations in tones and veining attributed to the careful selection and cutting of each piece by hand.

In our Premium collection, the colours are thoughtfully sorted to provide a well-balanced range of hues and veining within each pack.

The three Premium Select colours undergo an additional sorting process to ensure a more uniform colour scheme throughout the pack.

Premium Sandstone Range features :

  • Hand-Cut Edge and Finish
  • Thickness of 22mm 
  • Joint Width of 10-15mm
  • Premium Select colours are further sorted to ensure you have a consistent colour range within the pack

CE Markings

Declaration of Production

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