mixed size series nebula display image
mixed size series nebula image


Size: 48 Piece Pack ("15.36m² / 400x800mm")
48 Piece Pack ("15.36m² / 400x800mm")
26 Piece Pack ("18.72m² / 600x1200mm")
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

Inspired by the robust resilience of igneous rocks, this extraordinary porcelain design is meticulously created to transform the atmosphere of your patio. Whether your taste leans towards clean, minimalist lines or intricate contemporary patterns, these tiles serve as the perfect canvas, enabling you to breathe life into your modern garden or patio visions. With a subtle garden or patio visions. With a subtle grained texture, these tiles not only improve the visual appeal but also enhance the tactile experience of your paving.

Agni Stone Range features :

  • Thickness of 20mm
  • Joint Width of 4-6mm

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