sandstone aged twilight display image
sandstone aged twilight aged image


Size: 15.3m² Project Pack
15.3m² Project Pack
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

The Sandstone Aged paving series presents a weathered, time-worn look reminiscent of Yorkstone paving, imparting a nostalgic charm to any traditional garden environment. Our skilled artisans intricately hand-cut the paving stones, followed by a meticulous tumbling process, resulting in a beautifully aged and naturally finished product. Crafted to bestow a mature appearance, this sandstone paving stands out on its own or can be artfully combined with our extensive collection of cobbles or walling. Tailored for classic and traditional garden designs, the Sandstone Aged paving collection brings timeless elegance to any garden space.

Sandstone Aged Range features :

  • Hand-Cut and Tumbled Edge and Finish
  • Thickness of 22mm
  • Joint Width of 10-15mm

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