Size: 48 Pieces Pack ("25.92m² / 900 x 600mm")
48 Pieces Pack ("25.92m² / 900 x 600mm")
*Note : All sizes shown are Nominal
Product Information

The Sandstone Porcelain seamlessly combines the practical benefits of porcelain paving with the distinct colouring that resembles real sandstone. This special blend makes it a standout choice in our collection. The surface is smooth and flat, with a slight texture, and it's rated R11 for slip resistance, ensuring both safety and a stylish appearance.

You can choose from a mixed-size project pack (containing four different sizes, covering 14.78m²) for the Patina and Mercury colouring, for more traditional projects or opt for 900x600mm tiles across the full range for a more contemporary look.

Sandstone Porcelain Range features :

  • Rectified Edge
  • Thickness of 20mm 
  • Joint Width of 4-6mm

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