8 Innovative Split-level Patio Ideas to Divide Your Spaces

8 Innovative Split-level Patio Ideas to Divide Your Spaces

Apr 13, 2023

When you talk about bringing luxury and sophistication to your patio, there’s nothing you can think of than having a split-level patio area. You can implement creative split-level patio ideas to spruce up your outdoor space.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration and innovative ideas, consider reading this article. Here, you will find the most creative ideas you can play with your multi-level patio. No matter what the shape and size of your patio area, incorporating these split-level patio ideas will bring a modern look to your outdoor area.

1. Place Extra Large Planters

You can highlight the different levels of your patio using extra large planters. This will visually link them and bring a natural and fresh look to your outdoors. You can either go for square or rectangular containers and make sure to match the design and colour with the overall style of your home.

2. Highlight Your Patio Levels With Lighting

You can accentuate the different levels of your patio using lighting. Place the low voltage lights between your plants or you can install a series of lights to highlight the multi-levels as well as your plants and other features too.

Another excellent possibility for thoughtful lighting is a water feature, particularly one that cascades from an upper patio into a lower pool. The water curtain is illuminated by submerged lights, which also create shifting shadows on the tiled garden wall behind them. To provide even another beautiful shadow play, angled LED spots have been positioned inside the sprawling ground cover plants.

3. Cover the Patio with Pergola

You can cover the lower level of your patio with a pergola or you can incorporate creative covered patio ideas to bring out the best from your outdoor space. You can either cover your patio with a pergola, trees, louvred canopy, an umbrella, or with something else that you might think fits best with your overall design style.

4. Incorporate Stairs to Define Split-Levels

Incorporating stairs is one of the best split-level patio ideas you can incorporate. You can connect the different levels of your patio through amazing staircases so you don’t have to step inside your home to go to your upper floor. You can build beautiful-looking staircases that act as a focal point of your patio. Adorn your beautiful staircases with lighting or give a natural touch with artificial plants and flowers.

5. Patterned Paving is All You Need

You can choose patterned paving to highlight different levels of your patio. You can highlight the steps or the borders or even use a more creative way to bring out the best in your patio.

If you love the minimalistic and at the same time modern look, you can consider installing contrasting paving material for different patio levels. Whether you install natural stone, porcelain tiles, wooden flooring or any other material, make sure it matches the overall decor style of your home.

6. Beautiful Patio Built With Rock-Filled Gabions

Giving your patio a modern as well as rustic look, rock-filled gabions are the perfect solution for your multi-level patios. This is one of the best and most attractive split-level patio ideas you can incorporate into your outdoor area.

This rock-filled gabion can provide a durable as well as beautiful-looking multi-level patio solution. The best part of these gabions is that they are budget-friendly and require little to no maintenance.

7. Just a Layer is Enough

You don’t always have to bring a big change to your split-level patios. Just adding another layer of flooring is enough, whether it be contrasting pavement or a smaller hardwood deck, which will bring attention to a critical spot and make the space more welcoming without requiring a significant change in height.

By including strong block-style seating, elevated flower beds, and even a fire pit, you can highlight the change in levels even more. A sculptural feeling of depth and form will be added to the area by the interplaying forms and horizontals.

8. Bring in Your Creativity

Raised walkways that can also serve as additional patio space or seating places might be used to encircle a sunken patio to increase its effect. It’s a really brilliant approach to break up a large, rectangular space and vary the levels of your garden. You can also incorporate different patio design ideas to let your creativity and style get reflected in your outdoor space.


These are some of the creative split-level patio ideas that will bring life to your outdoor area. However, these ideas are tricky to incorporate, especially if you are low on budget and space. But once you implement these ideas, they can bring a huge impact and a lot of interest to your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions that will answer all of your questions regarding split-level patio ideas.

How can I improve my patio on a budget?

There are countless ways to revamp your patio. You can shop for second-hand paving slabs, cheap decorative items that look expensive but are cheaper, creatively using unused items for your patio and there are many more.

How can I make my boring patio look nice?

Cleaning, sealing and maintaining is the key to keeping your patio beautiful. You can also place natural elements like plants and flowers to bring a fresh look to your patio.

Q3. How do you divide a large patio?

One of the most effective ways to break up multi-level patios is to leave empty spaces and plant small trees and shrubs in between them.