Setts and Cobbles - Everything You Need to Know

Setts and Cobbles - Everything You Need to Know

Apr 13, 2023

Setts and cobbles are generally used for pathways and driveways as they are one of the most durable and robust paving solutions. These paving stones give your outdoor space a traditional and old-world charm. However, apart from pathways and driveways, these paving stones are used in a variety of application areas.

So, if you want to know the different application areas and uses of these paving stones, consider reading this article. Below we have discussed some of the best uses of these paving stones. You can easily install them and adorn your outdoor space.

But before moving forward with the uses, let’s discuss the difference between setts and cobbles.

What is the Difference Between Setts and Cobbles?

Setts and cobbles are perfect alternatives to block paving. They are the ideal flooring solution for your driveways and patios. However, these paving materials are a bit different from each other.

Setts are square quarried stones with smooth rounded edges to give your outdoor space a sense of old-world charm. These paving materials are made from any type of stone be it sandstone, limestone, granite, or any other natural material.

Since these paving stones serve similar functions but have different shapes, you may have encountered setts frequently without realising them. Both have been available for many years and have traditionally been used in locations with heavy foot traffic because they offered excellent grip for horses’ feet.

Setts are a great option for any modern garden design even though most people don’t have horses ambling around their backyards for a variety of reasons.

Cobbles, on the other hand, are round in shape and the uses and application areas of this paving stone are the same as that of setts.

Uses of Setts and Cobbles

Setts and cobbles are used to create beautiful as well as durable driveways, pathways, and patios. Apart from this, these paving stones are used in a variety of areas. Below you will find all those application areas.

1. Driveways

Cobbles and setts are commonly used in your driveways to create an edging barrier along your gravel driveway. However, you can also use these paving stones to cover your entire driveway space. Cobbles and setts have the ability to withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic as well as withstand harsh weather conditions.

2. Pathways

If you love to create simple yet elegant pathways, then setts and cobbles are the perfect way to go. You can go for a simple laying pattern or you can stagger the bonds to create a random effect on your outdoor pathway.

3. Garden or Planter Bed Edging

Cobbles and setts not only have sharp, long-lasting edges that give your landscape a manicured appearance, but they also separate your lawn from your garden bed, allowing you to properly maintain both areas of your yard. The Borders created by cobbles and setts let you mow your grass without damaging your plants and flowerbeds as these stones are strong enough.

4. Patios

Setts and cobbles can also be used in your patios to give them a striking appearance. You can incorporate different patio design ideas to use these paving stones effectively and spruce up your space. You can use these stones either to border your patio or use them in place of paving slabs to cover the entire patio surface.

You can use different types of cobbles & setts to create eye-catching patterns and designs. Apart from this, cobbles and setts can also be used to lay a concentric pattern and create a patio circle.

5. Water Features

Your outdoor living space’s centre point and life source are water features. Cobbles and setts, which are utilised as edgings, can be employed to decorate these water features. These paving stone edgings provide a lovely connection between the water and the surroundings.

Why Should You Choose Setts and Cobbles?

Here are some of the benefits and reasons that will let you know why you should choose cobbles and setts for your outdoor living area.

1. Durability

These paving stones are among the most durable paving materials used. They can easily bear heavy foot and vehicle traffic as well as withstand different weather conditions.

2. Easy Installation

When installing these paving stones into your outdoor area, you don’t need a lot of materials. The installation is pretty easy and can save a lot of your time and money.

3. Stain Resistant

The best part about cobbles and setts is that they are stain resistant. Stains and dirt will easily be washed away when it rains. This makes them an ideal choice of paving material for driveways.

4. Aesthetically Appealing

Setts and cobbles are among the most beautiful looking paving stones and give your outdoor space an aesthetically pleasing look.


This was all about setts and cobbles and how they can be beneficial for your home. So, whether you are looking to give your patios an old & traditional look or want a durable material for your driveways, cobbles, and setts will always be your first choice.