9 Home Renovation Tips by Experts to Transform Your Space

9 Home Renovation Tips by Experts to Transform Your Space

Apr 13, 2023

When planning to renovate your home, you are not just dealing with the design part, you’ll also have to deal with the practicalities. These may include all the legal permits, hiring an architect, and looking for contractors. Renovating your home isn’t that simple and easy. You need to consider all the things.

The process of renovation is more important than the result. If you follow the process effectively, you are not far away from building a dream home of yours. Legal permits, hiring of an architect, and contractors are all part of your home renovation process. But it is not just limited to these three. There are many other essential things to consider.

If you want to know these essential tips, consider reading this article. We’ve listed the important tips to renovate your home.

1. Set Your Budget

The first and foremost step in the renovation process is to set the budget. You don’t want to let yourself down by looking at designs that are not within your budget. Architects and interior designers will show the best possible designs for your home, and you might even choose the one that’s not in your budget. So, to avoid this, set your budget first and ask the architects and interior designers to design your home accordingly.

2. Good Planning is the Key

Your home renovation will only be successful if you plan things effectively. Proper planning is the key to designing your dream home. You should talk to your architect and interior designer and discuss your needs, how you want your room to look, and all the other essential things. This will give the architect a clear idea of what you want to design and how it should look. Plan out everything, be the colours you want on your walls, ceramic or porcelain tiles for your floor, furniture, furnishings, decorations, etc.

3. Entrance Creates the First Impression

Entrance creates the first impression of any space, be it your home or office. So, it has to be the best. The doors, and entrance walls, all need to be the best. If you want, you can install natural wall cladding for your exteriors. Wall cladding adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to your outdoors. In addition to the aesthetics, wall cladding works as a protective shield for your walls. Apart from the walls, you should consider changing your entrance door. If your existing door is in good condition and you don’t want to invest in a new one, consider painting it.

4. Research is Important

When renovating your home, research is essential in designing your dream space. You should research the materials that are available for a reasonable price. Explore budget-friendly materials such as paint, decorative elements, furniture, furnishings, etc. You’ll find these materials online at a very affordable price. You can also use second-hand materials in used furniture shops and thrift stores.

5. Don’t Ignore the Windows

Many homeowners ignore windows when planning their home renovation. They leave their windows empty or add basic stuff for privacy. This ruins the look of their home. Remember that window is the place where you can add a sense of elegance by using natural stone window sills or decorative elements like plants. You can talk to your architect and discuss what works best for your windows. They will guide you with the best possible design solution for your home.

6. Improve Your Security Systems

Security is the most important thing to consider, and when you renovate your home, you are free to add or update your security system. You can consider smart locks that offer key-free entry. You can lock and unlock doors from anywhere and monitor them. Make sure you are dealing in quality, don’t look for a cheaper product. Your security system has to be of top quality, so look for the best in the market.

7. Hire the Best Team

When renovating your home, hiring the best team who can do the right job for you is essential. They will help you get all the permissions you want for your home’s renovation. They will work closely with you to meet all your design requirements.

8. Follow the Correct Order

Many homeowners are not aware of the correct order of renovation. Though, it’s not compulsory to follow this order. But to add great value to your home, consider following the correct order. You should start your home renovation with a kitchen. Apart from adding great value to your home, the kitchen is where you see the most dust and debris. So, you don’t want to ruin the other areas of your home. It’s better to start the renovation with the kitchen.

You can incorporate different kitchen flooring ideas to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. Your kitchen is where you expect oil spills and tough stains the most. So, invest in quality flooring tiles.

9. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in the renovation process. Without lighting, you will have a dull-looking space, no matter how expensive your furniture and furnishings are. Purchasing floor lamps, table lights, and chandeliers will lighten your room. You can also incorporate modern ceiling lights that will spruce up your home like never before. Hire a skilled electrician to get your lighting work done with proper care. Consider changing your old light fittings and installing a new one. Ask your electrician to add an appropriate space for lighting.


These are the necessary things that you have to keep in mind while renovating your home. Always go for quality materials, whether tiles, furniture, decorations, or anything else.