Black Limestone Paving – How to Clean, Seal & Restore?

Black Limestone Paving – How to Clean, Seal & Restore?

Apr 13, 2023

Fading and staining might occur on your black limestone paving as time passes. Regular use of the paving slabs is one of the main reasons behind the unsightly look. However, you must take proper care and ensure a cleaner look for your space.

Though only cleaning will not keep your paving look at its best, sealing is also among the processes you should consider. If you are already using black limestone paving in your space for years, the restoring process might help you get rid of an unsightly look.

So, cleaning, sealing, and restoring your paving can keep your space at its best. We’ve put together all these processes under this guide to help you get rid of an unattractive look.

But first, consider reading about black limestone.

What is Black Limestone?

Black or mystic sky limestone is one of the most popular paving slabs used nowadays because of its durability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic look. The charcoal greyish black colour is what makes this limestone different from others.

But as mentioned earlier, fading and staining might be a problem with this natural stone. So, below you can check the whole process of cleaning, sealing, and restoring the black limestone paving.

How to Seal Black Limestone Paving?

Avoiding stains and growth of moss & algae on your limestone paving is quite a hectic task. But with sealing, it becomes easier to prevent them. Sealing your limestone also becomes essential to maintain the darker shade and enhance its colour. However, sealing is not a compulsory thing to do, but it is advised to seal your limestone paving with quality sealers.

As far as the time to apply sealers is concerned, there is no such specific time to seal this natural stone. Some apply sealers on their limestone paving slabs before laying, some use it post-laying, and some leave the slabs unsealed for a year or two. 

However, it is recommended to get sealing done every few years to keep your limestone paving clean and prevent staining & fading. Make sure you are dealing with the best quality sealers.

How to Clean Black Limestone Paving?

Several cleaning procedures must be carried out correctly to maintain the excellent condition of your paving. However, if there are tough stains, you must put in extra effort to clean your paving.

Cleaning Process For Tough Stains

If there are tough stains on your limestone classic paving, use stain removal products for better results. Ensure that you only deal in quality products so you won’t ruin your paving. Here is the complete process of removing tough stains from your black limestone paving.

  • Before starting your cleaning process, always test the cleaner on the area which is not easily noticed. Once satisfied with the results, you should start cleaning the whole area.
  • Apply the cleaner to the paving with a cloth and cover the whole area.
  • Use a scrubbing brush to move around the paving and let the cleaner do their job for around 10 minutes.
  • Using a mop or cloth, clean off the solution and wash the surface with water.

Regular Black Limestone Paving Cleaning

Keeping your black limestone paving away from any stains, it is recommended to clean the surface daily and ensure that those stains won’t get ingrained.

  • Take a broom or brush and clean off all the dust and large debris from the surface.
  • Diluting a non-acidic soap in warm water is all you need to clean the surface. Leave the surface for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Now clean the surface with water, and you are ready with a clean surface.

Avoid Acid-based Cleaners on the Surface

There might be tough stains on your black limestone paving surface, and you want to clean them off as quickly as possible. This is where many people make mistakes and use acid-based products to clean off the stains. Remember that black limestone is susceptible to chemicals, so avoiding acid-based cleaners and products is better. Otherwise, those products might turn the black limestone into a white coloured surface.

How to Restore Black Limestone Paving?

With time, this natural stone will fade and turn to greyish colour. Rain and sunlight are the leading causes of fading. But with every problem, there is always a solution; restoring the surface is a perfect solution to bring back those dark shades on the surface.

Restoring your black limestone can be super easy as many products are available to bring back that black shade on your paving. Make sure the surface is dry and free from any stains and debris. If there are possibilities of rain, you should drop your idea and wait till the rainy season goes off. After ensuring all the necessary things, apply a thin and even coat with a sponge. Once you use the coating, leave it for 24 hours.

The Bottom Line

Sealing, Cleaning, and Restoring black limestone paving might be a complicated task for many people. However, if this is the case, it is recommended to take help from experts and follow the instructions properly. This will ensure a cleaner and darker look to your limestone surface.