Choosing the Best Outdoor Tiles for Garden

Choosing the Best Outdoor Tiles for Garden

Apr 13, 2023

Interior flooring design for a home is suitable for appealing and gorgeous looks. But it would help if you also take care of the gardening area. The outdoor gardening area has its apatite of design, looks, and maintenance.

The garden area is one of the places where you can relax or spend quality time with your friends and family. The garden area can be well designed and well adored with the help of some outstanding tiles with qualities like different colours, styles, and materials. You can use quality tiles to enhance this space with less money for its maintenance work.

Best Way to Choose Right Outdoor Tiles for Garden

There is a big difference between choosing the tiles for interior and exterior design work. Some specific factors must be considered when selecting the garden area’s outdoor tiles.


The first thing you need to consider before buying an outdoor tile is its price. It is essential to fix a budget and then go for the final selection as there is a wide range of tiles available on the market with a low to a high rate.


It is a functional factor to consider when selecting outdoor tiles for the garden. It is crucial to check the durability of tile as it will be used in different weather conditions in the gardening area. Ensure the tiles are resistant to cracks, damage, and scratches.

Easy to Maintain

Due to daily interaction with dirt, outdoor tiles should be simple to clean and maintain.

Weather Conditions

We are aware that the weather outside never stays the same all day. The garden area’s tiles will experience a variety of weather conditions, from extreme heat to extreme cold. The tiles must maintain their full functionality in all states.

Outdoor Tiles for Garden Area

You may select the best tile from the range of colours and styles to accentuate the attractiveness of your garden space. Below we have shared information on some of the most admired tiles for garden areas.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a heavy and robust material, which is a perfect choice for outdoor garden areas. The relative abundance and ease of fabrication make it a favourite construction material. Limestone tiles are available in shades like brown, red, grey, tan, and lighter colours reflecting the heat.

Porcelain Tiles

These outdoor tiles for garden are most probably used for outdoor work due to their low water absorption rate. Porcelain tiles are solid and hard-wearing. Sometimes these tiles need proper cleaning and sealing for a steady texture. Choose porcelain tile with a matte, textured finish; shiny, smooth tiles can become quite slick when wet.

Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone tiles are unbeatable if we talk about colour, texture, and patterns. In outdoor areas, you can easily find tan, red, white, brown, and grey sandstone tiles. Because of their durability, these tiles are ideal for patio and garden design. It is soft and needs to be regularly sealed to avoid staining and water penetration. Sandstone tiles are cheaper than other natural stone tiles.

Wood Tiles

These tiles can perform best with the combination of greenery in your garden area. Wooden tiles can give warmth and rusticity to the atmosphere. Natural wood tiles may have some drawbacks as they are very porous and absorb moisture from the garden area.

But you don’t have to worry as there is an excellent solution to this problem. You can use wood tiles made of ceramic or vitrified material that gives you the surety of long-lasting performance.

Various sizes, designs, and colours are available in the market for wooden tiles. This is among the outdoor tiles for garden that can be easily cleaned and require minimal maintenance.

Paver Tiles

These tiles are created specifically for outdoor spaces, including gardens, walkways, and various pathways. Paver tiles have overtaken the concrete work used to make different pathways. Concrete is difficult to clean and maintain because of its porous nature and attraction to dust.

So, using paver tiles over concrete is a great idea to make your garden area worthwhile.

Paver tiles are ideal for garden areas because of their low porosity and lack of moisture absorption. The cost of upkeep for these tiles is also relatively inexpensive. These tiles come in a variety of attractive designs and are readily accessible. Some of the top paver tiles are modern grey, brown paver, and blue paver tiles.

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are one of the most sought-after choices of homeowners for their gardens. These tiles are trendy among designers and architects due to their natural aesthetic. Stone tiles are easy to install due to their non-bulkiness property. They are also non-porous and cheaper than natural stone. The maintenance cost is also on the lower side and can easily be cleaned. This stone tile is a perfect example of beauty and remarkable value.

Ceramic Tiles

Before using ceramic tiles in your garden area, ensure that the tiles you choose have good waterproofing capacity. These tiles are slip-resistant and perfectly fit in any weather conditions. The process of installing such tiles is very easy. Once the tiles are installed, it gives a stone effect that makes your garden area aesthetic.

Icaria Slab Tiles

These tiles have a lovely design with a slate look. You can have a natural-style patio space by using Icaria Slab tiles.

Minster Rustic Slate Effect Tiles

With its swirls of rust and grey, minster tiles provide the impression of a rustic slate surface. These tiles are durable for winter and bring beauty to the garden area.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are also well known as a form of limestone. It has a beautiful texture & colour and is made of natural sedimentary stone. It is hard and strong with a pitted surface. The pitted surface of these tiles can be polished to obtain smoothness.

The Bottom Line

With that many options available to enhance the appearance of your garden, you will never run out of ideas. We have put up a detailed guide just for you to showcase some of the best outdoor tiles for the garden.