Guide to Extra Large Planters for Outside | Decorative Ideas

Guide to Extra Large Planters for Outside | Decorative Ideas

Apr 13, 2023

Extra large planters for outside are often used for decorating garden areas and businesses. One can choose a beautiful outdoor large planter from the different available varieties. Using such planters, you may add color to the places you want, such as walkways, gardens, doorways, and windows. Due to their best results in terms of design and decor, extra large planters for outside are becoming more and more popular in the commercial and residential building sector.

Size of Extra Large Planters for Outside

Increased planter size is directly correlated with increased plant growth. Extra large planters for outside ensures the proper level of water and soil mixture to grow the plants. You can find a variety of shapes and sizes of extra large outdoor planters. Most of these planters are available in the range of 12 inches to 14 feet in diameter. You can find a variety of styles for these planters, like wide-bodied rectangles, tapered designs, and even round planters. You can find an appropriate extra large planter based on the size of your outdoor area.

Extra Large Outdoor Planter Ideas

Extra Large planters for outside can produce a stunning appearance when viewed from the street by onlookers. By adhering to a specific landscape design, the large-sized planters can be placed on the walkways and in your garden area. You won’t ever need to erect garden walls using extra-large pots. When you decorate your home with fresh plants in big planters, you can also show off the beauty of your yard to streetwalkers.

Extra large outdoor planters are a great way to make your home and office exterior look fantastic. Such planters also play an essential role in maintaining life’s environmental and biological diversity. Here you can check some great ideas for using extra large outdoor planters.

1. Single Pot Hedges

You have to select suitable hedges for the plantation. If you want privacy around your house, then extra large planters for outside can give you iconic private hedges. A single rectangle planter can cover a large horizontal and vertical boundary area to create a row of shrubbery.

2. Large Decorative Pots

Large planters can play a significant role in helping you realize your ambition of designing the ideal beautiful landscape for your outdoor space if you are an enthusiast. Large pots may hold a variety of plants. You can grow flowers, vines, and ornamental grasses in these substantial planters. To leave an excellent impression on your guests, you can even display these large pots outside the front door of your home.

3. Perfect for Big Trees Plantation

Although placing a tree in a tiny yard can be difficult, using these giant planters can make the job much more straightforward. Since trees are more admired than small pants, why not plant them to enhance the exterior design? Whether you are using granite, limestone, sandstone, or any other slab in your outdoor space, these planters will improve the appearance of your area. Your life will undoubtedly become more peaceful with birds chirping and beautiful butterflies.

Material Used for Extra Large Outdoor Planters  

Extra large planters for the outside should be made of a material that satisfies all the requirements in terms of material quality, durability, cost, etc. Using the proper material when creating large planters is crucial since high-quality materials help plants develop healthily. When growing veggies in your garden, you must be very choosy when picking suitable planters.

Most probably, you will find the following planter material –

  • Fiberglass planters
  • Concrete planters
  • Plastic planters
  • Ceramic planters

It is a modern material made of glass spun and fiber mixture. You can easily find large fiberglass planters as they can be made in any significant size with lightweight. A layer of sand also makes the fiberglass planters even more flawless.

These planters are very flexible and robust and can be moved easily without scratches or cracks. So, if you want to grow edibles, not just flowers, fiberglass is a much better option than concrete and plastic containers.

Plastic containers are also near enough and versatile to grow plants in outdoor areas. These containers are cheap and easily available in different shapes and sizes. But as plastic is harmful to the environment, people like to avoid using it in their garden area. They use materials like fiberglass and concrete planters, which are very eco-friendly.

Why are Extra Large Planters Popular?

There are some significant reasons people choose extra large planters for outside decoration. Here you can check some of these reasons behind selecting the extra large planters.

  • Due to their extra-large surfaces, extra-large outdoor planters are great for styling with attractive designs by applying various textures and colours.
  • The tall and long containers make it possible to observe the blooms out of your windows at eye level.
  • A single large pot can contain a variety of plants at the same time. It can give you a piece with such an eye-catching form.
  • If you own a smaller home, it is hard to plant a tree in the ground, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a tree. Extra large outdoor planters make it possible to cultivate a big tree outside your house.

Some of the most popular extra large planters for outside are – Piece Terracotta Planters, Piece Metallic Planters, Mixed Sustainably Sourced Tropical Hardwood Planters, Wood Barrel Large Planters, Marble Style Large Planters, Metallic Cube Galvanized Steel Planter Box, Cylindrical planters, Anduze Indoor/Outdoor Planter, etc. You can also look at some of the best decorating ideas to design your outdoor space.

The Bottom Line

Your garden space can benefit greatly from the addition of large planters. To achieve an appealing perspective, it is crucial to make the most of these planters.

Selecting the best plants becomes increasingly essential as the planter gets bigger. You can choose thriller, filler, and spiller rules to get the best look from the large containers.