Flat Coping Stones: 6 Types of Coping Stones for Your Wall

Flat Coping Stones: 6 Types of Coping Stones for Your Wall

Apr 13, 2023

Coping stones are flat stones that are used to complete a walling project. They can be entirely flat or curved. Coping stones are usually seen on top of some wall structures. They make up most of a coping, which is the top layer of any free-standing wall. While many people still think of coping stones as a decorative finish or ‘capping’ for a wall, they also serve a vital utilitarian purpose.

Rainwater cannot penetrate the newly constructed wall because of the usage of coping stones. While these flat coping stones can give a touch of glam to a patio boundary or provide an excellent finish in the garden, they are mainly employed to protect your materials from natural elements.

Selecting the Ideal Coping Stones for Your Garden Wall

There are several methods for shielding brickwork against the impacts of natural elements. Coping Stones are, however, the most common and effective solution to protect your garden walls.

Coping stones serve a vital function in your front yard, preventing rain from penetrating the walls. You can use them to protect the tops of free-standing walls. However, by weighing down the courses and connecting the faces together, they also safeguard the wall’s actual structure. This causes the wall to settle and solidify into a single unit. Without coping stones, the wall in your front garden would just crumble.

It is critical to pick the right copings for your wall. You want them to blend in with the rest of your home and the surrounding properties. Digby Stone provides a large selection of natural stone copings in a variety of sizes and colours, ensuring that you can find the correct copings for your wall.

6 Types of Copings For Garden Wall Design

Flat Coping

Flat Coping Stones are a contemporary, minimalist kind of stone. They are a stylish, practical, and cost-effective way to protect your stonework. These natural stones are suitable for all sorts of properties and are meant to blend nicely with your existing walling.

Elegant but simple, their design makes these flat coping stones perfect for mounting on a wall where railings or seating will be installed. A drip channel is installed under both sides of all copings to prevent rain water from running down the face of your wall. In order for the drip channel to work correctly, the coping must overhang the wall by at least 30mm on each side.

Chamfered Flat Coping

The Chamfered Flat Coping Stones are meant to offer your walls a more sophisticated, contemporary aesthetic while also providing excellent weather protection. These flat coping stones are carved with intricate edges that give your walls a modern design layout. It can also be made from flat concrete coping stones for walls.

Once Weathered Coping

Once-weathered wall coping stones were designed to direct water in one of two directions. Though, most run-off is directed from the top of a roof towards the area where an internal gutter should channel water safely away from the walls to safeguard them.

These can still be used on external and garden walls and barriers. It will preserve the top of the brickwork while also channelling water where it is needed. Drip groovers are extremely useful when it comes to protecting the sides of the wall.

Victorian Coping

Victorian Coping Stones are made to look like the original flat coping stones that were used on many Victorian homes throughout the UK. These Coping Stones are sure to look fabulous in a variety of settings. From historic terraced houses to modern townhouses and old country mansions, these stones will suit all kinds of decor. You can transform a garden on a budget with reclaimed Victorian coping stones.

Cottage Wall Coping

Cottage Wall Copings are attractive and unique, and they might resemble an ancient Sandstone wall. These are ideal for historic houses with garden walls in the many lovely rural communities across the UK that want to keep the look and feel of the area.

The Cottage Wall Copings are a beautiful, elegant, and cost-effective way to protect susceptible regions from the elements. They are made to blend
in with your walls and compliment your stonework.

Decorative Coping

The decorative coping stones are the last type of flat coping stones on our list. Many of the reclaimed coping stones you will encounter are ‘Romanesque,’ drawing inspiration from the Roman era when wall copings were perhaps first discovered. There is another variety of coping stones, which give the same water channelling but with a greater emphasis on vitality and style.

These copings are thought to date from the ‘Perpendicular period’ of Gothic architecture. They are a common sight on the roofs of Oxford University’s colleges. You might be lucky and locate a good assortment in your local salvation yard.


Flat coping stones are one of the thousands of different stone styles available for your garden. When it comes to custom designs, the best advice is to take your time and do some research to locate the styles you enjoy best. When it is time to order your stone, mix and match your favourite pieces. It will create a coping stone style that is all your own.