Why Should You Choose Indian Sandstone Slabs for Your Next Project

Why Should You Choose Indian Sandstone Slabs for Your Next Project

Apr 13, 2023

Indian Sandstone Paving is one of the most popular garden paving solution for patios and walkways. It comes in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes to suit different decor styles.

In this blog, we will look at the vast selection of sandstone paving available and the different benefits and design possibilities available for each type. It will assist you in making the best pick for your garden, patio, or pathway.

What to Expect From Indian Sandstone Slabs?

Variety of Colours

Indian Sandstone Slabs come in a wide range of colours, unlike some other natural stones. Sandstone paving slabs range in colour from dusky greys to mild creams, sandy beiges, and rich buff browns, reflecting the ranges of colour found in natural rock layers. Some slabs have darker colour veins, which add to their unique beauty and character.

Colour Variation

Sandstone paving has a lot of colour variety. It may not be seen in direct sunshine, but sandstone colours become more prosperous and more brilliant when wet. Because of the natural stone composition, you will find brighter and darker hues in the same pack. The colour diversity in standard sandstone paving slabs is more significant than in the mid-range and premium sandstone ranges. More expensive sandstones are generally hand-selected from specific quarries to achieve rich colour consistency.

Different Textures

Sandstone’s surface displays small quartz crystals when cut or split, giving it a faint glassy shine. It is quite lovely and gives a royal touch to your outdoor area. You might even come across fossils that reveal the stone’s creation millions of years ago.

How Do I Check the Quality of Sandstone Paving?

Good quality sandstone will make a fantastic patio anywhere in the UK. Look for a manufacturer’s quality assurance to ensure that it can withstand the British weather and does not split or crack.

You can find the stone industry’s CE marks on the best Indian Sandstone Slabs for patios. You can transform a garden on a budget using quality natural stone paving. The paving might cost a bit during the installation phase but remember, it is a long term investment.

What Is Better: Hand-Cut or Sawn Sandstone Pavers?

It all depends on the appearance you want to get and the finish you want to achieve. The hand-cut Indian sandstone paving slabs, for example, look great in the outdoor area of a cottage. Hand-cut Indian sandstone slabs with natural riven profiles and chiselled edges give outdoor spaces a more relaxed vibe.

Sawn Indian stone slabs, on the other hand, are the finest option to achieve a more polished and neat look in your outdoor space. These Indian stone slabs are straight because they are sawn, giving them a more homogeneous appearance. Sawn Indian stone flags are most at home in contemporary outdoor environments because of their clean lines and square edges.

What is Calibrated Indian Sandstone Paving?

While it may appear scientific, calibrated Indian sandstone simply refers to the manner of cutting. This procedure ensures that the thickness of the stones remains uniform throughout. Because of their uniform cut, calibrated Indian sandstone slabs are a popular choice. This also makes them simple to spread out and transport in large quantities. Sandstone paving slabs come in a standard thickness of 18-22mm. If the sandstone garden paving is not calibrated and is hand-cut, this will be different.

Advantages of Sandstone Paving

Because of its beauty and distinct design, sandstone paving is a favourite choice among many homeowners. They come in various multicoloured stones and are a terrific way to bring personality to any outdoor location. With that said, there are numerous other benefits to using sandstone pavers.


Sandstone is a long-lasting material that is incredibly powerful when properly maintained and cared for. This means that once placed, it will last for decades.


If you are concerned about using environmentally friendly materials, sandstone checks all the boxes. It is recyclable and biodegradable. Moreover, since it is not processed with toxic chemicals, its manufacturing method has fewer negative environmental effects.


Sandstone has a one-of-a-kind finish since it is made completely of organic materials, giving it a really natural appearance. Each piece is one-of-a-kind in a variety of patterns. This opens up a plethora of patio design ideas. Our sandstone range easily beats even the best outdoor porcelain tiles design.

Easy to Maintain

Sandstone requires very little upkeep. You can pressure wash sandstone without affecting its colour or finish. The paving can be sealed to prevent tough stains from being absorbed.


Indian sandstone slabs are one of the most popular garden paving materials in the UK. Their authentic look and colour variations present them as an ideal choice for outdoor paving. You can implement attractive patio design ideas with these stones or use them for a simple garden pathway design. Whatever use you put them to, these slabs will surely meet your expectations.