8 Fabulous Patio Design Ideas to Amplify Your Backyard Look

8 Fabulous Patio Design Ideas to Amplify Your Backyard Look

Apr 13, 2023

If you are lucky enough to have a patio, you will want to take advantage of it as much as possible. To make your patio feel like a wonderful location to relax, try adding some decoration and landscape treatments. But worry not because we are here to help you achieve your patio design goals. Whether you have a small patio or a large garden, this guide to creating great outdoor space can help you make the most of your area.

So, from colourful tile design advice to minimalist eating nooks, keep reading this blog for gorgeous backyard and patio ideas to implement in your outdoor areas. There’s a breath of fresh air and style ahead.

Add a Pergola

By adding a garden pergola to your patio, you may transform it into a great outdoor space. Even the most basic designs can be pretty successful with a jot of paint and some innovative style. You can also try adding a stone pergola that does not require painting and looks quite exquisite.

So that everything is neatly organised, place your furniture and accessories under the pergola. Climbers can be oriented towards the pillars, and festoon lights can be draped across the top. And there you have it: your patio has been transformed into a little outdoor living room!

Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are in the trend right now, and they nicely pair up with patio design concepts. From a full-fledged chef’s paradise to a pizza oven or a barbeque, there are outdoor kitchen ideas to suit every size of the patio.

One thing to keep in mind about outdoor kitchen patio flooring is that some materials are more suited to this job than others, so double-check with your supplier. Opt for sturdy paving that is suitable for both- kitchens and patios.

Add Stepping Stones

It can be a little disorienting when your patio abruptly ends and the lawn begins. Use leftover paving material from your patio flooring to create a stepping stone pathway to make this transition feel more natural.

If you want to create a perfect finish, then try stepping stones. There will be no clear divisions between the patio and the lawn, and both spaces will seem connected.

Enhance The Design With Embellishments

While incorporating the formal approach’s clean lines and openness, the modernist design remains unrestrained by traditional forms. Modern design is eccentric and inventive, but unlike a cottage patio, it does not plunge into the confusion of colour and greenery that spreads in every direction.

The modernist aesthetic calls for a smooth, polished surface. Instead of flowers, designers usually use slim, tapering pots packed with foliage plants to embellish this space. Placing smooth pebble mulch in planters and around the patio’s perimeter adds to the sleek, sophisticated look.

Make Trees Your Friends

During the summers, shade on your patio can be provided by a vine-covered pergola or a giant overhanging tree. You can opt for a Tuscan patio design that typically includes aromatic herbs, grapevines, and olive trees. To make this design feel more connected with nature, you can place a large oak table for savouring fresh drinks and long meals. The lifestyle associated with Tuscan-themed design emphasises fresh, high-quality cuisine.

A Tuscan-inspired patio offers a welcoming, well-worn, and relaxing atmosphere. The addition of terra clay urns and planters completes the Tuscan look. It is okay if they are a little chipped or worn because that adds to the character.

Add a Border

Consider upgrading your borders if you are looking for simple garden ideas for a patio design. Even small lawns can benefit from some of their space being converted into borders. This will give a nice touch of interest while separating the lawn and patio concepts.

Use this extra planting area wisely, either by establishing a wildlife sanctuary with a herbaceous border or by constructing a tiny kitchen garden with sweet-smelling herbs nearby.

Add Patterns

Indoors, patterned floor tiles are not the only option. Porcelain tiles are one of the underappreciated tile materials that can be used outdoors just as easily as they can be used in kitchens and bathrooms. They are frost-resistant because they do not absorb water and so will not fracture. Porcelain tiles are also extremely low-maintenance, so they look as good as new with a bit of cleaning. In addition, you can use patterned porcelain tiles to dress up portions of your yard rather than opting for traditional stone paving.

Just make sure the porcelain tile is suited for outdoor use; many of our internal porcelain tiles have an external alternative as well, allowing a tile to run from the inside out.

Use Gravel Around Porcelain Tiles

Try a more free-form approach to how your patio tiles are put for a more organic aesthetic that feels less set in stone. Trendy outdoor porcelain tiles can be set straight into gravel, grass, or sand to create a softer feel for the arrangement.

These durable porcelain tiles are resistant to algae and moss and fading. Besides a seasonal clean to keep them looking their best, they do not require any upkeep.


These ideas are just a starting point for designing a patio that suits your needs. The distinctions between them are not always clear, and a successful patio design might incorporate aspects from various designs. If you are looking to install natural stone paving or outdoor porcelain tiles, then have a look at our collection. We serve only the best so that your dream project turns out how it should be.