7 Creative Ideas to Transform a Garden on a Budget This Year

7 Creative Ideas to Transform a Garden on a Budget This Year

Apr 13, 2023

Not everyone has the time or budget to invest in expensive garden furniture and landscaping, but that does not mean that you cannot create a lovely and functional outdoor environment.

There are several easy ways to transform a garden on a budget from drab to fab. You can do it by using recycled materials, repurposing household objects, or painting your existing garden accessories to give them a new lease on life. If you seek to improve your garden on a budget, go no further. This collection of 12 simple garden ideas will inspire you to make some adjustments and create the outdoor oasis you have always wanted.

Clean Up Flower Beds & Weeds

Weed pulling is free and can revitalise your landscape in minutes. Begin by removing any weeds or plants that have grown in between the patio slabs and cleaning the debris away with a stiff brush. Scrub the patio or decking with soapy water or use a power washer to remove stubborn debris and stains using the same brush.

This is probably the most straightforward approach to brightening up your landscape! Pull weeds up by the roots to prevent them from returning, and if you want to keep weeds or grass from growing in your flower beds, create a border with bricks, sleepers, or concrete blocks.

Vertical Planting

Vertical planting has a significant impact: think wall-mounted pots, vertical gardens, and plants that grow vertically, whether trees, bigger shrubs, climbers, or hedges, especially those that are useful for seclusion, screening, and security.

Start with fast-growing climbers like clematis armandii or wisteria. They are very affordable and look beautiful in almost every outdoor decor. For the best results, get the most mature plant you can afford. Another alternative is to use trailing plants in hanging pots or to create living walls.

Upcycle Furniture

Buying new outdoor furniture can feel out of reach if you are on a tight budget. If you seek a cost-effective way to save money while saving for your ideal furniture set, consider upcycling used wooden pallets. A derelict wooden pallet can be transformed into a stunning garden table with the addition of a splash of brilliant colour and simple castor feet.

You can also give an old, unused chest of drawers a fresh lease on life by transforming it into a vibrant flower planter! With two staggered tiers of plants, this four-drawer unit is well-balanced and adds a playful touch to your back garden design.

Paint The Garden Fence

Garden fences require more attention and upkeep than we usually consider. So, if you are seeking garden fence ideas, try treating it a little differently the next time you paint it.

To breathe new life into your garden, use paint that is specifically meant for outdoor use. This will help to protect the wood and ensure that the colour does not fade. You should also consider a new, vibrant colour instead of your normal colours. Further, try using vivid oranges to make a dramatic statement with your trellis or shed for a hot Mediterranean feel.

Repurpose Old Landscaping

Demolition and site clearance can be expensive, particularly if access is difficult and work is done by hand. A tiny garden with a lot of removals and difficult access could cost thousands of dollars. So, whenever possible, reuse or recycle. For example, an old natural stone slab might be reused to serve as a deck platform or garden stepping stone.

It could also be an excellent sub-base for gorgeous external tiles. However, adding the base is possible as long as it does not increase the height to the point where the tile appears awkward.

Use Old Tyres In Garden Design

Old tyres, which may be converted as modern-looking planters, are another cost-effective option. You could also paint them bright colours for a more eclectic look.

Create precisely circular arrangements with your choice of blooms and greenery that may be sprinkled over your border or patio. Place old tyres next to it for creating a gorgeous looking garden arrangement.

Organise Your Garden

To keep your garden twines organised, upcycle discarded kitchen funnels. Make sure it is sturdy enough to support the twine’s weight and survive the pulling motion while the string is dispensed. Using a hook or a picture fastener, simply hang the extra kitchen items on the wall.

To instantly make the space feel more upscale and well-dressed, try adding decorations like outdoor rugs and shower-resistant cushions. These items can be used to revitalise outdoor spaces of all kinds and sizes for a little cost.


There are numerous methods to make your garden lovely on a budget. From upcycling your furniture to painting stone fences, you can opt for a way of your choosing. To make your backyard pleasant on a budget, try any of these suggestions where you can use your creativity to make the space according to your taste.